Wednesday, July 03, 2013

What Are You Reading? The ABC's Of Real Estate Investing

The Book "The ABC's Of Real Estate Investing" was written by Rich Dad Advisor Ken McElroy. I read this book a long time ago, in fact it was before I started investing in real estate and before I started to really educate myself on real estate investing. But this book was great in getting me ready for when I did take those steps.

A few things I like about this book is that right away it starts with the myth of real estate. Get all the nonsense out of the way. Clean up what you may think about real estate so that you may start with a clean slate. An other thing I really enjoy about this book is that at the end of every chapter there is list of "Action Steps". Are you serious about want to change your future for the better? Great then this book even provides you with the steps to make that happen. It's going to be up to you whether of not you take action.