Saturday, July 20, 2013

Rich Dad Radio: Stage A Revolution

This week on Rich Dad Radio Robert and Kim are interviewing author Dave Logan, writer of Tribal Leadership.

In his book Tribal Leadership, Dave described the five stages of leadership.

1. Life Sucks: This would be the group of people that are so dissatisfied with life as a whole that their ethics are getting shabby. These people could be cooking the books, or other immoral activities. This would be 2% of the people.

2. My Life Sucks: This group of people have lots hope. They are 25% of the people. They are unhappy with the situation but they are also unmotivated to attempt any efforts to change the situation

3. I'm Great: This stage could be more called, I'm Great; And Your Not. This group would mostly be the specialised professional that have develop a sentiment of superiority to others. Lawyers, Doctors, Accountant and so on. This sense of superiority was formed in the school environment.

4. We're Great: Dave describes this more as We're Great And Your Not. Teamwork is strong in this stage, but it also as the us against the world. It's an environment of competition.

5. Life Is Great: They aim for overall greatness.

The book is to recognize which individual you have in your business and how to lead them to attain the higher stages. Tools and audio books can be found at