Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tools Of The Trade: Penultimate

I once attended a real estate investing group meeting. It was a great meeting to attend. Perfect opportunity to network and they had a few different guest speakers that provided great information. One speaker stood out to me more then the others. Not because the information he provided was so much better but because he started his presentation explaining that he would be providing handouts of his presentation and to not worry about taking notes and just sit back and listen. No sooner did he start his presentation that he would urge us to write stuff down and request we take notes of different things.

I was not prepared to takes notes. I hadn't brought pen and paper with me. Oops. So I started using my phone's note pad app. It worked okay, but it's not quite the same as when I take hand written notes. I colour code them using multiple pens, use arrows or doodle. There is just more freedom with hand written notes.

But there is also a problem with taking hand written notes at meetings or webinars. Those notes tends to spread out. Later on, when I want to review my notes on Lease Option for say (which I was trying to do this past week) It was very hard to find the right set of loose paper or notebook that held my notes. In fact I never did find them.

This is where Penultimate comes in. In this app you will have a virtual notebook that you can title to what ever you would like. So the title of the course you are taking, the date and name of group of a meeting you are attending, etc. You can create as many notebooks as you wish. Once you tap on the notebook you wish to work on, it opens and shows either lined paper, or graph paper or which ever type of paper you have selected. A few different choice are free with this app but if you wish, you can purchase additional paper kits that may better suit your needs like music paper maybe. You can also select the "pen" colour you wish to use as well as the width of the line. There is also an undo/redo button and an eraser. Obviously this app would be better suited for a larger device like the iPad and should be used with a stylus.

This is an app that coordinates with the Evernote app I mentioned in my last weeks post. With Penultimate I can keep my virtual notebook all available on that app as well as on Evernote. Which means at a later date I can access those notes from any device (phone, iPad, Computer) that is connected to my Evernote account. Can you see the possibilities? If I had been using this app for the courses and meeting I have attended, I would know exactly where my notes on lease option would be.

This is an amazing app that I think you should add to your collection of real estate tools as well as everyday life.