Friday, July 12, 2013

Inspirational Corner: Misook

I was thinking of what I wanted to post about for today. So I thought to myself, what inspire me? and then it was clear. My classmates! Other Rich Dad students. Keeping in touch with them, rejoicing in their successes and learning from their hardship is one of my biggest motivation. There are a few who's story have been truly inspirational for me.

Such a person is Misook. She moved to Canada from Korea in 1998. She didn't know the culture, and very little of the language. Her determination and hard work as made her thrive regardless. By the year 2000 she bought her own home. She was telling about that experience one day; she didn't have credit in Canada. The money she made from her work she kept in cash or sent home to help support her family back in Korea. She was determined to buy the house and when from bank to bank until a bank manager kindly took her under her wing. She explained to Misook that firstly she should not be walking around with so much money in cash and sent her to a "B" lender.

I can imagine that the interest was astronomical but Misook was proud that she had bough her first home. That is something that some Canadians will never accomplish in their whole life. I didn't know Misook back then but I am also proud of her for that accomplishment. Later on she sold her property and bought a new house in Sylvain Lake in 2005.

She signed up with Rich Dad Education in April 2012. Took her first course in May. In the first seven months she attended eight courses. Looking back now, she admits that it may have been too much too fast and if she was to do it again she would probably give herself more time in between.

She took the lease option course in October of 2012 and had her first deal set up in December of that year. That's amazing!!! She as been concentrating on lease option/rent to own ever since been active in finding tenant buyers and placing offers. In fact she was sending in an offer just today.

I feel I should mention that Misook is not going at this alone. Her husband, Jon, as been supporting her in her education and lease option business all along. They make a great team and I consider myself very lucky to be able to consider them both friends.

If you wish to know more about Misook's rent to own business, please contact me and I will forward you her information.