Saturday, July 06, 2013

Rich Dad Radio: Imperial Fashion Show

This week on Rich Dad Radio, Robert and Kim have for guest Councilman Sal Diciccio and Treasurer Doug Ducey. This topic as been initiated by the city of Detroit entering into bankruptcy.

Robert starts this show by stating "This one (radio show) will upset a number of people".

This week, he is touching on the problem with the Union. The Union as been an untouchable subject. You will get shut down quickly if you criticize the pension plan and walk away check for fire fighters, police officers, teachers and other public servant. We view them as people who "sacrifice their life for the public".

Pension and walk away check (resignation bonus in the hundred of thousands of dollars, then they get their pension) is one of the largest unfunded debt. This is paid by taxes to the middle class.

Listen to the show to see why they say "The country needs to live within its means".

As well as why when the property value goes down, the property taxes still goes up.