Thursday, July 25, 2013

Good To Know: GoToMeeting Q&A Session

If you have visited my Up Coming Events page you would have seen the poster for the new up coming series Q&A With Real Estate Investors. Each session will be held every second Tuesday at 7pm MST. Space is limited to twenty listeners so be sure to contact me to register to each event. If you where unable to attend or that the session was filled before you could register you can also contact me for the recorded version.

My first guest speaker will be Shin Kawaguchi from Alberta. Shin was a Rich Dad Education student and as taken his new knowledge to secure many different real estate investments. He will be discussing the mind set involve in real estate investing as well as his background and real estate experiences. I'm excited to attend this Q&A session as there is a lot I can learn from his knowledge and experiences.

I hope you can join me in this first Q&A With Real Estate Investors and ask your questions to Shin.