Friday, July 26, 2013

Inspirational Corner: Daily Motivation

Motivation doesn't last. I know, neither does bathing; you have to do it daily. 

Every day you should work on your motivation. It's easy to lose the drive, to take a break. But if you do, it's twice as hard to restart. So how do you keep yourself motivated when you are starting to fade? Here are 16 tips to stay motivated and on track.

1. One Goal: If we try to accomplish too much at one time, we will feel overwhelmed. We will suck our motivation and energy dry. Concentrate on one goal and one task at a time.

2. Inspiration: Seek out inspiration. People who have accomplished what you seek to do or who are on the same path as you are great source of inspiration. Seek them out, read their blogs, books, or magazine articles.

3. Get Excited: That can be a tough one. How to you get excited when you lost your motivation. Well by seeking inspiration from other in tip #2 build on it. Visualize yourself and situation once you have accomplished and succeeded your goal. Talk about it and get excited about it.

4. Build Anticipation: Plan your starting point. Mark it on a calendar, plan for what your first actions steps will be and build the anticipation. You could just start today, but the chances are you would stop just as easily. But by building up the anticipation, making your starting date important, carefully planning you plan of action you are increasing you chances of success.

5. Post Your Goal: Print you goal, just a few words in big letter and post it where you will see it regularly. At home and at work. This will help you keep focused and the excitement high.

6. Commit Publicly: Nobody wants to look bad in front of people. If you share your goal with others you will be more likely to stick to it just so that you don't have to tell them you didn't accomplish it. But what a satisfaction it would be to let them know you've reached your goal and succeeded it.

7. Think About It Daily: We have started to accomplish that by posting your goal. Dedicate a portion of time everyday to your goal. Actively think about your goal and what you are doing to reaching it.

8. Get Support: You will be more likely to succeed with a support group behind you. There is no reason you have to go at it alone. You will be more likely to burn out that way. Seek out people who will support your goal and/or are achieving to complete the same one. They can be either in the real world, online or both.

9. Realize Motivation Will Come And Go: Motivation is like a tide, it will come and it will go. Be aware of this so that when your motivation is low you will know it will come back. Keep on task, continue to think of your goal and to seek out to your support group.

10. Stick With It: Do not quit. Even when your motivation is low but sure to keep moving forward. When your motivation is high go full speed ahead. Be sure to keep going don't give up.

11. Start Small, Really Small: The grand view of your goal may be so big that it will be intimidating and scare you off. Don't be overwhelm on all that there is to accomplish. Start with small task for now, and slowly grow from there.

12. Build On Small Success: Take the time to acknowledge your small success, and take that feeling of accomplishment and move forward with you next small goal.

13. Read About It Everyday: To help keep you motivation high read about the topic of your goal daily (books, blog or magazine). Be careful that what you read is positive and about your specific topic.

14. Call For Help When Your Motivation Diminish: The best thing you can do when your motivation is low is to call for help. Reach out to someone and get to the point "I'm loosing my motivation, help me out". Feel free to email me if you feel a slump coming on.

15. Focus On The Benefits, Not The Difficulties: Where your focus is aimed will have a big impact on your motivation. If you focus on the hurdles in your way over the benefit of overcoming them, your journey will seem harder even though the task to be accomplished would be the same.

16. Squash The Negative Thoughts With Positive One: Become self-aware of negative self talk. When you start noticing your inner chatter is negative, mentally stop yourself and replace it with a positive one. If you catch yourself thinking "This is so hard" replace it with "I can do this".

I hope these tips helps you stay motivated. One last advice, on your facebook page "like" Zig Ziggler, Robert Kiyosaki and Kim Kiyosaki. Every day they post motivational quotes and pictures. Might as well pepper your life with random motivation.