Monday, November 04, 2013

Step On It: Taking Action

A few weeks ago, while discussing training packages, I had someone tell me that although money was no issues he would not make any decisions at this time since he didn't not want to make an emotional decision and he would think about it.

It is probably a good thing he didn't commit to purchasing. Since he is unable or unwilling to take action on the spot, he would probably be a terrible real estate investor.

Let me explain. The advantage I have over other potential buyers is that I can provide an offer on a property
I'm looking into within a half hour. It increases my chance to be the first offer received and accepted. If other offers comes in afterwards, it's already under contract. Also, realtors took notice of my quick trigger offers, and would start sending me pocket listing to me. It's to their advantage to try and get an offer in place before they go through all the problem of listing on MLS. I can also take action on the raw information, I don't need to wait for the pretty package.

The reason I can do this with little risk is because of the exit clauses I have in place. Those are my safety nets, my protections.

In the case of the training package; he also had is exit clause in place. The contract included a ten days right to cancel and a satisfaction guarantees.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

What A Life: Halloween

Well, my boys scored this Halloween! My husband sent me the pictures of the candy piles. Yes, unfortunately I missed Halloween this year. However I did get to attend pumpkin carving with my youngest in his class room and we also carved our own pumpkins at home.

During my time away while feeling a little sorry about myself for missing out on this Halloween, I came across a quote that perked me up a little.

An entrepreneur lives how most people won't so that later they can live like most people can't.

By always keeping in mind our goals, it makes it easier to dedicate the time and  effort to the task at hand to reach said goals.

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Rich Dad Radio: Inside Job

Why is our cities and government going bankrupt? Well that is Robert's topic for this weeks Rich Dad Radio. He takes the time to mention that he will not be neutral on his opinion of this topic. I didn't noticed he was been neutral before.

He has for guests Sal Diccicio and Tom Forese.

They discuss that it is our civil workers (Public Sector) that is robbing us into bankruptcy. The government is no longer a public service, they are in the self service system. I remember growing up, listening to the adults talk about jobs. Getting a government job was the ultimate goal. The reason was because you were then guaranteed an easy job, with guaranteed retirement ease. But if you work in the private sector, you made less with less benefits.

There was a time when an ex boyfriend of mine had started a new job working with a government work crew fixing roads. I would ask him how his new job was going. He was shocked, he had just gotten paid for eight hours of work when about four or more of those where spent laying on the side of the road waiting for this or that.

A co-worker of mine once told me about his wife having been reprimanded at her government job for being too efficient. She was getting through too many cases in a day, and was told she had to tone it down.

Robert and his guests are talking about the situation in the states. However the examples I have been expose to have all being in Canada.

One thing that Robert as said in this episode as stood out to me. Politicians are only concern about making it back in office so they will do and say anything to please the public. A leader however will make everyone mad and create great things.

Even if the government decided to fix the problems within itself, we would not let them. We are still too concern about what they can provide for us regardless of whether it can be afforded or not. We have become spoiled kids with a false sense of entitlement.

Friday, November 01, 2013

Inspirational Corner: Pain or Passion

Last fall I met a fellow student that had bought real estate investing courses. He was very excited and nervous about the new endeavour. His current position at work was about to be dissolved and the future was unsure.

Lately, I found out he quit investing in real estate all together. I was surprised. He had seemed so motivated. Turns out he was no longer at risk of losing his job. With that he lost his motivation. His partner however kept going. In less then a year he as wholesaled fourteen deals. He's doing amazing!! Even seeing first hand such success wasn't enough to have my friend re-invest his time into real estate.

There is only two things that motivate us. Pain or Passion. That's it.

Sometimes, life happens and we end up in a corner. We either push ourselves out of it or succumb to the circumstances. People have accomplished incredible things when there was no other way.

Or if you desire something enough, that it's always on your mind, you'll do what it takes to obtain it.

When pain is your motivation, to keep the momentum going the source of motivation would need to eventually change to passion, Because pain doesn't last. That's the reason we should concentrate on the WHY, what you wish to accomplish. Passion will not burn forever, it needs to be cultivated. Purposely kept in focus.

Pictures from

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Good To Know: Selling As A Rent To Own

Why would we consider selling a house as a Rent-To-Own instead of a regular straight sell? As with everything, there are pros and cons. Of course to most people selling their home, a straight forward sell with the use of a realtor is the ideal solutions. They get the lump sum of their money up front ready to use towards their next home. But sometimes that scenario is not so picture perfect. Sometimes their are no buyers interested. The only way realtors know to sell your house is to lower the price, cutting into your potential profit and hard earn equity.

Or sometime you get in the situation where due to a drop in the housing market there is no equity in your house. In fact you owe more then the house is worth. This as happened to a lot of people, not only in the US but right here in Alberta and across Canada. Your options are now drastically lowered. You can no longer rely on the help of a realtor as there will not be enough room for their commission. As long as you do not have to move and sell your house you'll be okay. But if the situation change, then there is trouble.

Or there are also the new builders. Building the house of their dreams while living in their current home. When the new house is ready, the plan is to sell the old one. The problem arise when the old house is not selling making you support two mortgages. Ouch.

In all of these situation a Rent To Own can help. First lets discuss what a Rent To Own really is. It is renting a house then to sell it at the end of an agreed term.

The pros:

  • You are dealing with tenant-buyers instead of renters; they have an owners mentality and since they intend to purchase the house, they treat it as their own. Also they are responsible for maintenance and minor repairs.
  • Get top value: Tenant-Buyers are people who don't quite qualify for their own mortgage may it be a credit issue or lack of full down payment. However they have been qualified by a mortgage broker to ensure they are able to handle the payments. Rent To Own gives them a few years to fix their situation. You can then require fair market value for your house.
  • End up getting more for your property: By having you mortgage payments taken care of for the terms of a few years, it is lowering you mortgage balance forcing appreciation for your property.

The cons:
  • There is a delay in getting paid. Although you will get monthly payment covering the expenses of the house you will not cash in the full payment of the sale.
In this real example the owner had a mortgage exceeding the value of the house. Unfortunately do to new employment they also had to move and sell the property. Since there was no equity into the property a realtor was unable to sell their property. As you can see it would not have been in their benefit to do so anyways. In this case it did not put the sell into a positive solution but it did dramatically lower their loss.

Rent To Own may not be the best solutions for everyone but in many cases, it can increase you return on the sell of your property and facilitate a sell.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What Are You Reading? Why "A" Students Works For "C" Students - Part 1, Chapter 5

The "Action Step For Parents" in this chapter is to discuss your child's dreams and the different ways success is defined outside of the school system.

When I'm working an event, we always ask out student what are their "Why" or their "Dream". Most of the time, they do not have an answer ready. If we were to go into a kindergarten classroom instead and ask the same question, we would be bombarded with answers. When did we loose our capability to have dreams and goal for ourselves? 

It's important to nurture those dreams and goal in our children. Not only that, but we should also develop them by activity planning on them. Discuss how to make it a reality the different and best way to learn.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Rich Dad Radio: Are You A Born Loser?

This week, on Rich Dad Radio, Kim and Robert have Dr. Alexander Elder author of "Trading For A Living" and "Come To My Trading Room". Do you want to find out if you have what it takes to win?

This radio show holds a special place in my heart, because it talks about technical trading in the stock market. Especially in technical trading, you need to develop the right psychology. When we started learning on trading stocks, our mind set was the biggest hurdle we had to overcome. It's something we needed to overcome again and again as we grew bigger and as we became complacent. Some of us may never get to control our emotions enough to develop the right psychology to become successful. Dr Elder discuss risk control and money management for successful stock trading. Great stuff!!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Inspirational Corner: In Time

Have you seen the movie In Time?

In this movie, people have discovered a way to live for eternity. All they need is to have time. In fact TIME as become the new currency.

There is still a big gap between the poor and the rich. The poor live day by day hoping they will find, earn or steal more time in order to survive the next day. Every expenses is closely monitored as a simple bus ride could make you run out of time. The poor do everything quickly since time is everything and they are in short supply. The rich have a distinct relax pace since they have a few life times worth of time.

I found it interesting, the importance we place on money is very much as the importance the movie placed on time. The only people constantly concern with money are those who are always on the brink of running out. Closely keeping track of pay dates and account balance. For those who money is not an issue, they concentrate their energy on the relationship in their life instead.

Wouldn't you want to not have to worry about running out of time? We all have the same ability to educate ourselves in money matters. Learn to become financially independent and take control of your time.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Good To Know: What's Your Colour?

Are you Blue, Red, Green or Yellow? Well in fact you are a combination of all of those colours.

The colours are part of a personality test from Marc Accetta that can be taken here.

My score on this test was:

  • Yellow: 69
  • Blue: 62
  • Green: 52
  • Red: 36

My personality as always been the same. I'm a people pleaser who tries to keep the peace in all situation. What I like about this test is that it describes your personality as well as your personality flaws and ways to overcome them. In my situation, being a people pleaser, I have the tendencies to let people walk all over me. With self awareness and growing up, this is something I've been able to control. Before you can find ways to improve your personality flaws, you need to be made aware of them. The personality test is great for accomplishing just that.

It is also very useful to identify the personality of the people around you, may they be your kids, your spouse, family members, colleagues and your customers. Understanding how they response to certain situations means that you can adjust your communication to have the best possible results. Telling someone who as a Red personality what to do, will only cause them to put their guards up and want to fight you on the issue. No matter what that is.

Wouldn't you find it helpful to know the best way to inspire, teach or persuade people in your business dealings, no matter their personality. Be sure to take the personality test to first better understand yourself, then broaden your understanding of others.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Inspirational Corner: Mondays

I attended an event and there was a group discussion on how a real estate investor fills his or her day. One comment in particular stood out to me.

This particular gentleman's neighbour was financially free. He noticed him mowing his law on a Monday afternoon. He said, "I'm trying to fit in all of my chores and my entertainment on the two days that are allowed to me (weekend), and here is my neighbour doing the same chores in the middle of a week day"

The term "Weekend" is not in the vocabulary of the financially free. - Kim Kiyosaki

One of the most freeing feeling of not having a nine to five J.O.B. is that when all of my friends and family on facebook post on Sunday all of those depressing pictures of the next day being Monday, it does not matter to me. Monday is just an other day just the same as Sunday for me.

Financial freedom is more then just having money issues taken care of. It's also the freedom of your time, to use as you choose. To mow the law in the middle of the week on a sunny afternoon if you so choose.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Good To Know: Q&A With A Real Estate Investor

Would you find it helpful to ask someone who is investing in real estate about their experiences and what they are learned along the way? I felt it would be useful to me so that is why I start the Q&A With Real Estate Investor sessions using GoToMeeting.

Every two weeks (on a Tuesday night at 7pm MST) I have a guest speaker join me. They talk about a specific topic that represents some of their experiences, and they we have a Q&A session.

Space is limited, be sure to contact me to reserve your spot and to obtain the link (it changes for every event). So far the sessions have been recorded and have been make available on this blog.

If you can attend join us for a change to learn and grow from other investors experience.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tools Of The Trade: 3 Tiers

I was working at the Asset Protection class with Rich Dad Education covering the benefit of setting up a three tier corporation for your real estate investment. At the same time as I received an email from a real estate investor that offers real estate information emails and webinars. This particular email covered why a three tier corporation is not of much benefit for real estate investors.

Hmmm. What a coincidence.

In the email's defence, it is true that the set up of a three tier and following legal and accounting cost are significant. If your goal for your real estate business are small, they cost associated with a three tier may not be worth while. If however you are not limiting your potential with your real estate business and you are dedicated, the benefit of the benefit of the three tier could out weight the cost.

Many people are either advised by professional and decide on their own to start their business in their own name and later switch to a three tier. It may seem like sound advice but the problem with that is that you would have to deal with the capital gain at that time making it less worth while.

Before I explain a little bit about the three tier corporation let me make sure that it is clear I am neither a lawyer or an accountant and that before you set up this type of structure for your own real estate business you should seek the expertise of  professional that have dealt with such structures.

Above is an example of the three tier structure. You are the shareholder of Holding Inc who in turn is the shareholder of Managing Inc and Real Estate Inc. Real Estate Inc as a contract with Managing Inc for managing all of it's properties. The benefit of doing this is that instead of the income being taxed as an investment income (40-45%) with Real Estate Inc, it would be taxed as an active income (15%) with the Managing Inc.

See the benefit? Also I am not touching base with  the added benefit should you be sued, which as I've been told be a fellow investor is a matter of when not of if in the rental world.

I suggest you get more education on the matter of the three tier structure and to make a decision that will best suit your personal situation.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Step On It: The Benefit Of A Loosing Deal

I learn in every deal that I am involved with. Not the only the ones that I have closed on or the ones that have worked out the best. In fact the deal on which I have learned the most, we never manage to close on it.

On this particular deal, we tried to arrange a wholesale, which turned into a potential joint venture partnership. From that partnership we were exposed to different negotiating tactics and creative financing. When one strategy didn't work we tried a different one, following our potential joint venture partner.

It as thought me how to look at one deal in multiple different ways. As a Buy/Rent/Hold to a Wholesale and so on. It was the same with financing. By that time we had always purchased our property by personally qualifying for the mortgage and providing the down payment which had being 20%. In this particular deal the property was an eight plex so we would have needed 35%.

The first thing we where exposed to was that the vendor was willing to hold a VTB for a portion of the purchase price. In the eye of the bank, they still would only provide me with 65% but from the purchase price less the VTB lowering significantly my deposit. Unfortunately at the time we didn't have access to that amount of money. Which made us entertain other financial strategies.

In the end, we ended up holding the property under contract for nearly four months and we weren't able to come up with a suitable solutions in a timely fashion and we ended up cancelling our contract. A week later, I was discussing the deal with a fellow investor and on the spot he offered to purchase it from me as a wholesale deal.

Since we were concentrating on purchasing the property we had stopped considering wholesaling it. Had we kept that as an option all along; we could have wholesale it out.

"When in doubt, Wholesale it out" - wise words from my trainer
Well I can now say, that is one lesson we have now learned.

You may enter into a bad deal, or struggle with a deal just to have it dissolve in your hands unable to close on it. If you take the time to learn the lessons that deal as to offer, it was well worth your time.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

What A Life: Back To School

Well this year both of my boys are in school full time with Patrick in grade one and Jerome in grade three. They do grow up so fast. On the down side I am back to making lunches everyday and only a few weeks into it, Jerome is already sick of sandwiches. They are both adjusting to school life well, although Jerome is not impress with the homework.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Rich Dad Radio: The State Of Real Estate

This weeks guest speaker on Rich Dad Radio, is Rich Dad Advisor Ken McElroy author of "The ABC Of Real Estate Investing" and "The ABC To Property Managing".

Kim, Robert and Ken are discussing "Real Estate; is it a good time or a bad time to jump in?" Obama as been encouraging the country to reach for the american dream of owning your home. Should we be concern of history repeating itself? This scenario sounds awfully familiar.

Also, If Robert Kiyosaki keep saying your home is not an asset, why is he recommending real estate. Find out on this week's radio show.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Inspirational Corner: Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

In my line of work I come across a lot of financial independent people. They are nothing special, simple the same as the rest of us. They do seem to be more relaxed and overall a little happier. How can this be, money doesn't buy you happiness. This weekend I was working with such a person and she had a great way of explaining. Out of the 100% of stress in life, 80% of it can be resolved with money. So if you've educated yourself about money and it is no longer an issue, you can use a 100% of you energy to resolve the 20% of stress left in your life which is the stuff that really matter. That would be your relationships with your friends and family and such matters.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to see the bight side of life in all situation because such a large portion of life's stress at been taken care of.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Good To Know: Self Property Managing

This was the topic of discussion on the last Q&A Session with Chris Calon. Be sure to watch that video to get more details on dealing with tenants and being a property manager. I have a prepared a presentation that will provide a little bit more details that was passed on to me from my mentor.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What Are You Reading? Why "A" Students Work For "C" Students - Part 1, Chapter 4

The "Action Step For Parents" in this chapter is to introduce new ideas, words, concepts, and experience to your child on a regular basis and, ideally, in the course of everyday life.

Any situation and any occasion is a great time to introduce new ideas and discussion about money with your child. Keep it appropriate based on their age. Last week my husband was playing Monopoly with the boys. They got discussing the mortgaging option on Monopoly. The benefit: money in your pocket now; and the disadvantages: the reduced cashflow if someone lands on their property.

Robert talks about the different windows of learning:

  • Windows of Learning #1: Birth to age 12 - Quantum Learning:                                                                This window of learning is when the brain is whole and neural pathways are being connected. After age 12, in order to learn something new, a new neural pathway needs to be built from scratch. It really is harder to teach an old dog new tricks; this is why it is important to learn new words and concept in this first window so that the pathway is in place to expand on those concept in the next window of learning.
  • Window of Learning #2: Age 12 to 24 - Rebellious Learning:                                                                   This is a stage at which to encourage exploration. So encourage your child to find the answers to the question that arise. Provide the tools to investigate the consequence of actions and be open to discussing the process with them. In this rebellious stage, telling a child not to do something is likely to trigger the opposite response. Rather than say "Don't..." do something, ask: "What do you think the consequences might be if you did that?" Encourage your child to make their own decisions, if they fail or falter do not rush in to rescue them. We learn from experiencing the real-life consequences of our actions and decisions and working through them.
  • Window of Learning #3: Age 24 to 36 - Professional Learning:                                                                 Your relationship with your adult child at this point as evolved. If you have spent time on their financial education in the earlier stages of their life, this is when you will see them put that foundation knowledge into practice. This is the stage where you watch your child select their own path of life.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tools Of The Trade: Prezi

My friend, Chris, was my guest speaker this week for the "Q&A With Real Estate Investor" series. For his presentation he used a program called Prezi. I was very impressed. Our thought pattern is not linear, it grows on top of one and other more like branches of a tree. Prezi was a great way to liven up a presentation.

Monday, September 09, 2013

Step On It: Growing

It's easy to stop and stick to a strategy we have mastered when learning real estate investing. It takes a constant commitment to continue to grow.

Sunday, September 08, 2013

What A Life: Out With A Bang

For the last week of summer vacation before the boys go back to school we camped at the track. The boys got to ride their dirt bikes. They loved it! It was great to enjoy some quality family time before the hectic schedule of school starts again.

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Rich Dad Radio: Misty Hyman

This week on Rich Dad Radio, Robert and Kim are discussing what it takes to be successful with Olympic gold medallist Misty Hyman.

You can't accidentally reach the level of an Olympian without an large amount of dedication and work. Her trainer, JD Rosania who was also on the show explained that she succeeded because she believe what she was doing was working to get her to the goal she wanted to reach. If she had doubt in the process she would never have reached her goal.

Being adaptable was also a big part of her success. Misty had her advantage in the underwater kick off. She could remain a very long time underwater giving her a lead. However part way through her training the rules where changed limiting the time allowed under water forcing her to adjust her technique.

They also discussed the importance of setting new goals when you are about to reach the one you have set for you. Many who reach a goal that they had set for themselves, lose all momentum since they do not have an other goal to drive them.

Hope you enjoyed this week's radio show.

Friday, September 06, 2013

Inspirational Corner: Single Parents

I am very fortunate! I have great kids and an amazing husband. But even though my kids are great, they are time when motherhood gets difficult. My oldest love to have things his way, and loves to argue when he doesn't get it. It's been great to have my husband to back me up or to be tagged in if I need a break.

Single parents, like my sister, do not get that option to tag out. Unless the kids are sleeping, there is no downtime. I tip my hat to all of those men and women.

Some single parents out there are also dealing with the added stress that is thrown at them from the other parent. Some parents, although could not make things work out with each other still make a great team when it comes to parenting their children. But sometimes we have a parent lash out to the other through the child. I've seen single parents that although are been put through hell by the other parent, only speak well of them in front of their children. To those single parents, I bow down to you.

To my sister Jinny, my friend Leslie and to all single parents out there, I bow to your strength.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Good To Know: Property Management

For father's day, my oldest son brought home a school project as a gift for his dad. It was a "newspaper" with the headline of my husband being recognized at the #1 dad.

"What I like about my dad:
  • He rides dirt bikes
  • When he's not working, he plays with me
Things to know about my dad:
  •  He's a mechanic
  • He works a lot
  • He's a farmer"
People get involve with investing in real estate for different reason but always to improve their current situation. We are doing to have more time, so that we can dedicate it to our children. Because freeing up our time is our goal, we are choosing to use to services of a property management. Of course for our property that are not located in the same province where we live, a property management is also a necessity.

In real estate investment, many people get dazzled by the extra money self-managing can bring. There is also a lot of tired landlord that give up on the financial benefit real estate investing can provide because the cost of their time was too high.

It is important however to select the right property managers. Here are questions I ask my potential property managers. 
  • What is their process for rent collection and delinquencies?
  • What can they say about the local rental market?
  • Are they up to date with current rental laws and building codes?
  • What's their plan to market your properties?
  • What is their schedule for inspection of your properties? How often do they inspect it? (I require that the property is viewed at least once every three months. Potential tenants should be made aware at the time of the application, we will be checking the batteries of all fire alarms at that time)
  • Do they have established relationship with suppliers and tradesmen?
  • What are their fees? (normally I plan for about 10% but I've seen them vary from 5 to 15)
  • How do they screen their tenants?
Using the services of a property manager will mean that it will be that little bit harder finding properties that will be able to support the extra expense. It is my feeling that the piece of mind and freedom of your time is well worth that hassle.

If you are currently self-managing and utilizing the services of a property manager is not an option for you, be sure to catch next week's good to know for some tips on making that task easier.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

What Are You Reading? Why "A" Students Works For "C" Students - Part 1, Chapter 3

Chapter's three action steps for parents is: Use Money Problem As Opportunity To Learn.

Most parents try to shelter their children from the money problem they are facing. Growing up I never knew why we where having money issues, I just knew we didn't have any. The only thing I learned about money was not to ask for it. I remember turning down school trips when there was a fee involved. My parents never knew there was an event coming up. So really, I wasn't truly sheltered, I just didn't understand the concern. I handled it by avoiding the topic best I could.

Your child may be too young to handle serious money issues, in such a case, Robert suggest that you instead discuss budgeting for grocery shopping and take them along. 

We all have money problems, no matter how wealthy we are or how wealthy we are not. See your money issue as an opportunity to grow your child's financial IQ.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Tools Of The Trade: Empower Network

I am just back from working a Rich Dad Event in Ontario and after that a week of camping. We wanted to finish summer with a bang and we are now ready for back to school.

This week for Tools Of The Trade, I wanted to talk about Empower Network. I first came across some of their videos just before I started this blog. In fact it was those videos that inspired me to start and provided me with some training on how to get started and to maintain. I've just recently signed up with them following a fellow Rich Dad students lead and advice.

I am looking forward to getting further education with Empower Network and can't wait to put it into practice. Monetizing my efforts don't hurt either.

So please take the time to check out my first Empower Network post. If you are a business owner no matter how small or big, you should be putting these great marketing tools to work for you today.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Step On It: Record Keeping

The only way to know how your business is doing is to have updated record keeping. For me, record keeping includes the bookkeeping as well as keeping track of all the details for each properties we own.

For our rentals, I keep a spreadsheet with the details of the tenants, the rent collected, all the expenses and the debt repayment. I keep such a spreadsheet for each property for each year. As my property managers send me their report, I transfer the information of the income they have collected and the expenses they where in charge of. I keep most expenses in my control but the management fees and any maintenance fees I leave in their care. Before any major maintenance they contact me with a quote for approval. This system works for me, since I keep the control. Should I ever list one of my properties to sell, I have all the information ready to go.

The struggle is to keep on top of it. It is easy to get behind and to just randomly update our records. I'll admit that is a struggle for me. With work, and kids and life in general it's easy to put this on the back burner.

So I'll make a half way through the year and then some resolution. I shall catch up to my record keeping and maintain it. The kids are about to go back to school, I'm hoping having days to myself will enable me to catch up.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

What A Life: Acadian Day

Did you know that August 15th is Acadian Day? Probably not, not very many people out west know. I am of Acadian decent, with my boys being born and raise in Alberta, they will never be truly expose to my heritage so I decided to do what I can.

For years now, since visiting New Brunswick during Acadian Day we have been celebrating it with the boys at home. We have been making acadian food and having our own Tintamare. A Tintamare is basically a noise parade. This is what a Tintamare can look like in the Maritimes.

Of course there is not that many Acadian in my area, in fact I may be the only one. So instead we invite our friends and neighbours to join us. This is what our Tintamare looks like.

So although you may not be an Acadian, Happy Acadian Day!!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Rich Dad Radio: Back To School

This week on Rich Dad Radio, Robert and Kim have Tony D'Angelo for a guest. They are discussing the back to school season for students getting ready to attend college.

Student loans are the financial burden of this generation. There is more student loans then credit card loans at this time. The student loan wont go away by declaring bankruptcy. In fact there are only three way to rid yourself of a student loan: pay it (and if your are able to find suitable employment that is fine), become disabled, or die.

That is why every student should take a close look at the cost of education and if it will matches what you receive. With the high rate of unemployment and under employment, it may not be the case.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Inspirational Corner: Show Me The Money

I was talking to someone about education for real estate investing. He was concern about the high cost of the courses up front, which is a legit concern. He was also concern about the amount of the presentation that was spent on motivation, he said my motivation is "Show Me The Money", the presentation should be about showing the money. I asked if he meant an example on paper. He said no, helping us to make a deal and prove that you can make money.

Here is the main problem with that, as far as I'm concern. If you are looking to learn to become a real estate investor and you can only be motivated by the money you make you will never be successful.

If you are unable to keep yourself motivated during the learning process, or during mistakes you have made, you will never reach a level where you can be successful. You will quit at the first hurdle. That is why to have a high success rate for a real estate investing education company, the screening process should cut out the non motivated. Their likeliness of success is low and they might as well save their money.