Friday, July 19, 2013

Inspirational Corner: Katie O'Brien

Some of you may have attended the 2013 Fast Track Rich Dad Advisor Event  in Edmonton back in April. You would have had the pleasure to hear Katie speak. Katie is currently working with Rich Dad Education and is a Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor as well as a Stock Investor as well as Gold and Silver.

Katie took her first courses in 2007 with Wealth Intelligence with Russ Whitney. Rich Dad was not yet integrated into Canada at that time. She took a more entrepreneurial approach and started a vending machine business. She increased her credit card balances every six months and regularly applied for new credit cards as she was taught in her courses to fund her new business (she is still regularly contacting her credit card companies to increase her borrowing power).

A few months later, she was asked to join the with the Wealth Intelligent Academy when they merging with Rich Dad. She took on a management role in the Preview division. She set her personal goal to obtain up to ten credit cards. She purchased her first home using RRSP for her 5% deposit, this property was meant to be her first rental but due to changes in circumstances she ended up moving in. She attended a quick visit to the UK were she met with "Women In Wealth". She was inspired by them and reassured that she was on the right track.

In 2009 she organized an interview with Robert to discuss Canadian economics to spread Robert's knowledge in the Canadian market and economic. During that time she was also dealing with Still's disease (a form of juvenile arthritis). She was equally scared of both the state of her health and her upcoming interview with Robert. She had been told by the assistant that she should expect to have 15 minutes of his time. The interview ended up lasting 4 hours. Katie was a long time fan and close follower of the Rich Dad Philosophy. He asked Katie to also interview him again along with Kim. He took the time to do this during the Rich Dad Conference in Orlando Florida. Katie was awed by Robert's and Kim's connection and bond to each other.

Katie has pretty much worked in every role with the Rich Dad Education company in Canada. She is guided with her motivation to inspirer people to grow and to be able to live the life that they really want. To see them overcome their adversities when they believe they can't.
Life is not about perfection, life is about progression and I am okay with not being perfect (her disease is presenting a lot of limitation to her physical life). In twenty years, you will still find me on the stage, still not perfect but I would have progressed. - Katie O'Brien