Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tools Of The Trade: Dropbox

I was in Toronto this past weekend for work with Rich Dad Education. When I travel I take my computer with me, so that if I get the chance I can work on it. My laptop is the one we used for the real estate business. Part way through the weekend, I received a text from my husband asking about the status of a few properties that he had received some information on. Unfortunately, I was quite busy when he texted me and I was unable to look up that information for him. He was at a standstill.

It is not a great business practice to have outside influences determine your level of productivity. Our business would have been better serve if Adam would have been able to access the database with the status of all of our deals.

This is where Dropbox comes in. If I had installed the Dropbox program to Adam's computer as well as mine and any other devices we use. I could have stored a copy of that database file to it. Instead of having to call me to look the information up, he would have been able to open his Dropbox application and open the file himself.

Of course there is also the added security that if anything was to happen to my laptop during my travel, all of my important files would be safely stowed in the Dropbox program.