Monday, November 04, 2013

Step On It: Taking Action

A few weeks ago, while discussing training packages, I had someone tell me that although money was no issues he would not make any decisions at this time since he didn't not want to make an emotional decision and he would think about it.

It is probably a good thing he didn't commit to purchasing. Since he is unable or unwilling to take action on the spot, he would probably be a terrible real estate investor.

Let me explain. The advantage I have over other potential buyers is that I can provide an offer on a property
I'm looking into within a half hour. It increases my chance to be the first offer received and accepted. If other offers comes in afterwards, it's already under contract. Also, realtors took notice of my quick trigger offers, and would start sending me pocket listing to me. It's to their advantage to try and get an offer in place before they go through all the problem of listing on MLS. I can also take action on the raw information, I don't need to wait for the pretty package.

The reason I can do this with little risk is because of the exit clauses I have in place. Those are my safety nets, my protections.

In the case of the training package; he also had is exit clause in place. The contract included a ten days right to cancel and a satisfaction guarantees.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

What A Life: Halloween

Well, my boys scored this Halloween! My husband sent me the pictures of the candy piles. Yes, unfortunately I missed Halloween this year. However I did get to attend pumpkin carving with my youngest in his class room and we also carved our own pumpkins at home.

During my time away while feeling a little sorry about myself for missing out on this Halloween, I came across a quote that perked me up a little.

An entrepreneur lives how most people won't so that later they can live like most people can't.

By always keeping in mind our goals, it makes it easier to dedicate the time and  effort to the task at hand to reach said goals.

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Rich Dad Radio: Inside Job

Why is our cities and government going bankrupt? Well that is Robert's topic for this weeks Rich Dad Radio. He takes the time to mention that he will not be neutral on his opinion of this topic. I didn't noticed he was been neutral before.

He has for guests Sal Diccicio and Tom Forese.

They discuss that it is our civil workers (Public Sector) that is robbing us into bankruptcy. The government is no longer a public service, they are in the self service system. I remember growing up, listening to the adults talk about jobs. Getting a government job was the ultimate goal. The reason was because you were then guaranteed an easy job, with guaranteed retirement ease. But if you work in the private sector, you made less with less benefits.

There was a time when an ex boyfriend of mine had started a new job working with a government work crew fixing roads. I would ask him how his new job was going. He was shocked, he had just gotten paid for eight hours of work when about four or more of those where spent laying on the side of the road waiting for this or that.

A co-worker of mine once told me about his wife having been reprimanded at her government job for being too efficient. She was getting through too many cases in a day, and was told she had to tone it down.

Robert and his guests are talking about the situation in the states. However the examples I have been expose to have all being in Canada.

One thing that Robert as said in this episode as stood out to me. Politicians are only concern about making it back in office so they will do and say anything to please the public. A leader however will make everyone mad and create great things.

Even if the government decided to fix the problems within itself, we would not let them. We are still too concern about what they can provide for us regardless of whether it can be afforded or not. We have become spoiled kids with a false sense of entitlement.

Friday, November 01, 2013

Inspirational Corner: Pain or Passion

Last fall I met a fellow student that had bought real estate investing courses. He was very excited and nervous about the new endeavour. His current position at work was about to be dissolved and the future was unsure.

Lately, I found out he quit investing in real estate all together. I was surprised. He had seemed so motivated. Turns out he was no longer at risk of losing his job. With that he lost his motivation. His partner however kept going. In less then a year he as wholesaled fourteen deals. He's doing amazing!! Even seeing first hand such success wasn't enough to have my friend re-invest his time into real estate.

There is only two things that motivate us. Pain or Passion. That's it.

Sometimes, life happens and we end up in a corner. We either push ourselves out of it or succumb to the circumstances. People have accomplished incredible things when there was no other way.

Or if you desire something enough, that it's always on your mind, you'll do what it takes to obtain it.

When pain is your motivation, to keep the momentum going the source of motivation would need to eventually change to passion, Because pain doesn't last. That's the reason we should concentrate on the WHY, what you wish to accomplish. Passion will not burn forever, it needs to be cultivated. Purposely kept in focus.

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