Monday, July 01, 2013

Step On It: Taking A Family Day

The ultimate reason we are seeking financial freedom through real estate and stock investing is for our kids. On father's day, my oldest boy made a "newspaper" for his dad. The headline was "You have been voted best dad of the year" then lower there was a comment saying "When my dad is not working he plays with me" then there was a section of things to know about my dad and the three things where "He's a macanack (Mechanic)", "He work's a lot", "He's a farmer, just like me". That was a little though on my husband. He is pretty busy with work and the farm; but he probably doesn't work that much more then other dads. But maybe me being home makes the kids realise there is an alternative.

So family is big, and while we are working on reaching our goal, it's still important to make room of what really matters.

Today, for Canada Day, we took the boys to the town's celebration. There was mini golf, bouncy castle, money pit, a live band, ice cream, etc. We had loads of fun. Afterwards we met family and friends at the dug out and had our Second Annual Dingy Dug Out Race and BarBQ. That was also quite the blast. The boys where out on the water for a good long time.

We finished the day with fireworks.There is just something magical about a sky lit up with sparkly lights.

Hope your Canada Day was awesome and that you too got to enjoy a special family day.