Q&A With Real Estate Investor

Please take note, the information covered by guest speakers is based on their opinion and private experience. If you wish to enter into a real estate investment or wish to duplicate a strategy that was discussed in these sessions you are doing so at your own risk.

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Q&A With Melanie Barr - January 15th 2014

Long Distance Investing:

Q&A With Crystal Anderson - October 8th 2013

Lease Option:

I apologize in advance, we had some audio difficulties in the middle of this video.

Q&A With Melanie Barr - September 24th 2013

Selecting the best property manager:

How to find and select a property manager.

Q&A with Chris Calon - September 10th 2013

Dealing with tenants:

Chris is a former Rich Dad student. He as been very active with his real estate business, managing many properties. 

Q&A with Melanie Barr - August 27th 2013


Creating a system for Buy/Rent/Hold.

Q&A with Kurtis Frederick - August 13th 2013


An other great speaker with loads of experience with renovating properties.

Q&A with Shin Kawaguchi - July 30th 2013


I only remembered to start recording part way through the introduction, my apologies.