Friday, August 16, 2013

Inspirational Corner: Show Me The Money

I was talking to someone about education for real estate investing. He was concern about the high cost of the courses up front, which is a legit concern. He was also concern about the amount of the presentation that was spent on motivation, he said my motivation is "Show Me The Money", the presentation should be about showing the money. I asked if he meant an example on paper. He said no, helping us to make a deal and prove that you can make money.

Here is the main problem with that, as far as I'm concern. If you are looking to learn to become a real estate investor and you can only be motivated by the money you make you will never be successful.

If you are unable to keep yourself motivated during the learning process, or during mistakes you have made, you will never reach a level where you can be successful. You will quit at the first hurdle. That is why to have a high success rate for a real estate investing education company, the screening process should cut out the non motivated. Their likeliness of success is low and they might as well save their money.