Sunday, August 18, 2013

What A Life: Acadian Day

Did you know that August 15th is Acadian Day? Probably not, not very many people out west know. I am of Acadian decent, with my boys being born and raise in Alberta, they will never be truly expose to my heritage so I decided to do what I can.

For years now, since visiting New Brunswick during Acadian Day we have been celebrating it with the boys at home. We have been making acadian food and having our own Tintamare. A Tintamare is basically a noise parade. This is what a Tintamare can look like in the Maritimes.

Of course there is not that many Acadian in my area, in fact I may be the only one. So instead we invite our friends and neighbours to join us. This is what our Tintamare looks like.

So although you may not be an Acadian, Happy Acadian Day!!