Saturday, September 07, 2013

Rich Dad Radio: Misty Hyman

This week on Rich Dad Radio, Robert and Kim are discussing what it takes to be successful with Olympic gold medallist Misty Hyman.

You can't accidentally reach the level of an Olympian without an large amount of dedication and work. Her trainer, JD Rosania who was also on the show explained that she succeeded because she believe what she was doing was working to get her to the goal she wanted to reach. If she had doubt in the process she would never have reached her goal.

Being adaptable was also a big part of her success. Misty had her advantage in the underwater kick off. She could remain a very long time underwater giving her a lead. However part way through her training the rules where changed limiting the time allowed under water forcing her to adjust her technique.

They also discussed the importance of setting new goals when you are about to reach the one you have set for you. Many who reach a goal that they had set for themselves, lose all momentum since they do not have an other goal to drive them.

Hope you enjoyed this week's radio show.