Friday, November 01, 2013

Inspirational Corner: Pain or Passion

Last fall I met a fellow student that had bought real estate investing courses. He was very excited and nervous about the new endeavour. His current position at work was about to be dissolved and the future was unsure.

Lately, I found out he quit investing in real estate all together. I was surprised. He had seemed so motivated. Turns out he was no longer at risk of losing his job. With that he lost his motivation. His partner however kept going. In less then a year he as wholesaled fourteen deals. He's doing amazing!! Even seeing first hand such success wasn't enough to have my friend re-invest his time into real estate.

There is only two things that motivate us. Pain or Passion. That's it.

Sometimes, life happens and we end up in a corner. We either push ourselves out of it or succumb to the circumstances. People have accomplished incredible things when there was no other way.

Or if you desire something enough, that it's always on your mind, you'll do what it takes to obtain it.

When pain is your motivation, to keep the momentum going the source of motivation would need to eventually change to passion, Because pain doesn't last. That's the reason we should concentrate on the WHY, what you wish to accomplish. Passion will not burn forever, it needs to be cultivated. Purposely kept in focus.

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