Wednesday, September 04, 2013

What Are You Reading? Why "A" Students Works For "C" Students - Part 1, Chapter 3

Chapter's three action steps for parents is: Use Money Problem As Opportunity To Learn.

Most parents try to shelter their children from the money problem they are facing. Growing up I never knew why we where having money issues, I just knew we didn't have any. The only thing I learned about money was not to ask for it. I remember turning down school trips when there was a fee involved. My parents never knew there was an event coming up. So really, I wasn't truly sheltered, I just didn't understand the concern. I handled it by avoiding the topic best I could.

Your child may be too young to handle serious money issues, in such a case, Robert suggest that you instead discuss budgeting for grocery shopping and take them along. 

We all have money problems, no matter how wealthy we are or how wealthy we are not. See your money issue as an opportunity to grow your child's financial IQ.