Friday, September 06, 2013

Inspirational Corner: Single Parents

I am very fortunate! I have great kids and an amazing husband. But even though my kids are great, they are time when motherhood gets difficult. My oldest love to have things his way, and loves to argue when he doesn't get it. It's been great to have my husband to back me up or to be tagged in if I need a break.

Single parents, like my sister, do not get that option to tag out. Unless the kids are sleeping, there is no downtime. I tip my hat to all of those men and women.

Some single parents out there are also dealing with the added stress that is thrown at them from the other parent. Some parents, although could not make things work out with each other still make a great team when it comes to parenting their children. But sometimes we have a parent lash out to the other through the child. I've seen single parents that although are been put through hell by the other parent, only speak well of them in front of their children. To those single parents, I bow down to you.

To my sister Jinny, my friend Leslie and to all single parents out there, I bow to your strength.