Thursday, October 10, 2013

Good To Know: What's Your Colour?

Are you Blue, Red, Green or Yellow? Well in fact you are a combination of all of those colours.

The colours are part of a personality test from Marc Accetta that can be taken here.

My score on this test was:

  • Yellow: 69
  • Blue: 62
  • Green: 52
  • Red: 36

My personality as always been the same. I'm a people pleaser who tries to keep the peace in all situation. What I like about this test is that it describes your personality as well as your personality flaws and ways to overcome them. In my situation, being a people pleaser, I have the tendencies to let people walk all over me. With self awareness and growing up, this is something I've been able to control. Before you can find ways to improve your personality flaws, you need to be made aware of them. The personality test is great for accomplishing just that.

It is also very useful to identify the personality of the people around you, may they be your kids, your spouse, family members, colleagues and your customers. Understanding how they response to certain situations means that you can adjust your communication to have the best possible results. Telling someone who as a Red personality what to do, will only cause them to put their guards up and want to fight you on the issue. No matter what that is.

Wouldn't you find it helpful to know the best way to inspire, teach or persuade people in your business dealings, no matter their personality. Be sure to take the personality test to first better understand yourself, then broaden your understanding of others.