Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What Are You Reading?: Rich Dad's Guide To Investing

Ever wonder why investing is so confusing? Are you unsure where to start. Do you think that there is something else out there. Rich Dad's Guide to investing can help.

In the book Robert talks about what the rich are investing in and how they get to that level. He starts with a plan and teaches you how to stick to it. How to reduce risk with financial literacy and spot good investment deals vs a bad deal.

He shows you the 90/10 rule. Where 90% of the money is made by 10% of the investors. There are mental aptitude test at the end of the chapters that help show you how you see the world. Reading this quickly showed me that I needed to make changes in order to be prepared for the "what if" situation. It will guide you to moving from the E quadrant to the B and I quadrants so your not a slave to a paycheck.

If your looking for a quick fix or some magic formula that will make you a millionaire over night then this book won't help but it will help build a foundation for financial intelligence so that you know what to do when your making too much passive income within your business that you build from the ground up.

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