Friday, June 07, 2013

Inspirational Corner: Money, The Source Of All Evil?

You know, when people find out financial freedom is my goal, I get mixed reaction. Most have their eyes glaze over, and a barely polite smile come across their features. To them, I'm discussing the most boring subject in the world. Ugh, finance!

Others are excited to hear about it, and are interested to hear more.

The rest, seems surprise and disappointed. They didn't realise I was evil. Because I must be evil since money is the source of all evil and I am trying to get more money.

They would believe more in working very hard for  what you get, and that you should always work hard for it. Trust me, I understand working hard, we are running a farm after all but what happens when work is no longer an option?

It's at this time that all this hard work should pay off and your start getting a pension. The problem with that is our population is getting older, and we are running out of working class to cover pensions. In fact it is no longer reliable.

When I say my goal is to be financially independent I don't mean that I wish to have seven mansions all over the world and yachts and a private jet. If that is what you want, go ahead. But to be financially independent all I need is enough passive income that will cover my living expenses. So that when I'm in a position where I can no longer work, I will still be self-reliable. I will not be a burden to the economy by demanding expensive services that the country simply can not afford not will I be an added weight to my relative.

If you learn to be financially independent, I view it as been responsible towards your country and your family.