Saturday, June 29, 2013

Rich Dad Radio: Two For The Price Of One

Well I missed last episode so I will post about both Rich Dad Radio shows today.  The first one is about poverty making you sick. Literally.  Dr. Radha Gopalan who is a leading heart surgeon, talks about studies showing that poor people where more likely to succumb to viruses. Dr. Gopalan as studied both western and eastern medicine practices. They also talk about the physical manifestation that can develop from stressing over money. All in all, again a very interesting show.

On this week's radio show, the guest speaker was Bert Dohmen and they discussed currency confusion. Bert discussed the manipulation of the currency from the government. He discusses the impending crash that he suspect may take place next year. According to him, the government is manipulating the markets trying to keep the stock market strong hoping the money will trickle down into the economy of the country. The part about this show that I appreciated the most was when he praised technical trading as a strategy for being in the stock market. He says everything else in these type of economics is lagging or speculative. It's nice to know we are doing it right.