Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What Are You Reading?: Pitch Anything

I bought this book by accident. In fact I went to Chapters looking for a different book, but since that book was an older book, it was not available. So instead I browsed around looking for a different book to read at the park while my boys would play. I found a book titled Pitch Anything. It jumped out at me because I came across this book at a time when I was starting to realise that I needed to learn to sell and present. So in other words, I needed to learn to pitch.

But wait a minute; I don't want to learn how to become a sales person, I want to invest in real estate. Yes I get that, but the two comes hand in hand. In fact, sales is needed is needed in almost every aspect of everything.

I had a great deal I was looking to wholesale. The property was good, the tenants in place, and the numbers looked good. But how do you present that. I bombarded people with the numbers. After reading the book Pitch Anything, I realised that it was a poor method of presenting it.

This book was a happy mistake and probably the book that as been the most useful to me. Buy it!