Friday, June 14, 2013

Inspirational Corner: A Leopard Can't Change His Spots

I wish I was rich.

How many people has said that? Or maybe I wish I had more money. I've heard people say that again and again. Well then, be rich! Wait a minute, its not that easy!! Oh?

I work for Rich Dad Education at the 3 day basic events. We offer classes in stock trading and real estate investing. People attend our events because they want to make more money for whatever the reason. So you would think they would come to our class and all buy our courses since they want to be richer.

Well no, they don't, in fact only a small percentage of people will actually go forward. Some don't even bother attending all 3 days. So why would that be? Didn't they want to be richer? Well no they don't.... not really. They do not want to be richer, they wish they were richer. There is a big difference. The difference between wishing and wanting is the doing. If you truly want something, you will take action.

Which one are you? A wisher or a wanter? Are you taking action? If you find you are a wisher, that's okay. This is the path I have chosen to take, it's not for everyone. If you know you will not be willing to be taking the actions required to make it all the way to your goal; then don't.

Of course this applies to everything you "wish" to accomplish in life. You simply need to see if you are a wisher and a wanter.