Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Tools Of The Trade: GoToMeeting

If you have attended an online webinar chances are you have been exposed to GoToMeeting.

In this day an age, connecting with people all over the world is as easy as clicking a mouse. Which is a good thing because getting away to attend meetings or seminars is also very hard with everyone busy schedule.

In the real estate investment world, GoToMeeting as allowed me to easily have coaching sessions with both my mentors and my protege. I can also have opportunity presentations with potential investors.

With GoToMeeting, I can share my screen allowing those attending to see what I have on my screen, where my mouse is pointing, etc. I can also record a session making the video recording available for future reference, or to forward to anyone who has missed the live meeting. I can control, who's mic can be heard and I can also give control of the mouse and keyboard to an attendee. You can also have a face to face meeting using a webcam.


I have been using GoToMeeting for a few months now but I know I can get better use from this program. Oh the possibilities!

Want to see if GoToMeeting is for you? Try it FREE for 30 days.