Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tools Of The Trade: Credit Cards

First, you may have noticed that I went a week without posting. I would like to apologise for that gab. Between travelling for work and minor health issues I have gotten behind. I've decided to restart as of today and ignore that last week.

So, today for tools of the trade, I would like to talk about credit cards. Credit cards have a bad reputation. It is true we can easily get into trouble with uncontrolled credit cards. But is the solutions really to cut them up? Is it possible that a credit card could actually be a good tool in real estate investing?

One of the benefit of a credit card is that is gives you access to money and it is unsecured. You can use it on anything you want. The secret is to use this credit card on things that will make money not to purchase "Doodads".

Did you know you could actually use a credit card to secure a property? So the problem is not credit cards and the solution is not to cut them up. The solution is to use them on good debt instead of bad debt (Doodads).

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