Friday, June 28, 2013

Inspirational Corner: Organization

At the very best, I can only consider my organizing type as organized chaos. But lately it's been only chaos. My desk as become a dumbing zone for school papers, receipts, notes, books; you name it, it was on that desk.

It's almost July now, so half way through the year, and I've yet to do any bookkeeping for 2013. Not only that but I notice that is slows down my productivity a lot. I had been using my lap top in the living room since there was no room on my desk and the distraction have definitely been there.

So today, I decided to regain control. It took almost all day, but I can now see my desk. In fact I'm posting this post from my laptop that is sitting comfortably onto the desk. I still have three piles of paper to go through but my Real Estate pile is done.

I don't know how you are filing your paperwork, but here are a few folders I have.

  • Numbers to be run
  • Pending offers
  • Rejected offers
For each purchased properties I have

  • Mortgage
  • Insurance
  • Purchase contract / negotiation
  • Leases
  • Property Management
For each corporations I have
  • Legal document
  • Bank statements
  • Invoice/receipts
Then other odd folders
  • Investors
  • Tenant Buyers
  • Invoice/Receipts to be paid
  • Invoice/Receipts to be scanned
I also put all paperwork on past accepted deals that didn't pan out together with a cover sheet with any notes about the deal. What went wrong, what should be changed in the future is anything and so on.

Now that I can clearly see all that I have accomplished in the past, it makes me feels like I've been slacking off a little in the present. I've created a new To Do List and I seem rejuvenated and ready to go.

This is what my desk felt like:

This is what I wish it looked like:

But this is what it actually is (by the way BIG improvement from this morning):