Monday, May 27, 2013

Step On It: Take Action Today

This weekend I was working at a 3 days basic stock trading event held by Rich Dad Education. Our speaker was no other then Andy Tanner who is one of six Rich Dad's Advisor. What an honor that was and what a great speaker he was. 


Andy is full of fascinating information. He has created the four pillars of investing which is a great program that I strongly recommend from the little bit I was exposed to this weekend.

"Let me guide you through you financial education to discover the 4 pillars you must know to achieve the success you desire. - Andy Tanner"

You can hear from Andy Tanner on Rich Dad Radio, he was aired August 18th '12, September 22 '12 and November 10 '12

He spoke of the Financial Analysis on the Sovereign level, mostly for the U.S.A. It's a grim picture! What is coming, will not be pretty. If you have invested money the traditional way in the stock market, the best thing you could do is get some education now to protect yourself. The minimal thing you should do is to demand a protective stop on your current investment. Your bank or stock broker will recommend not to do this, they will not want to do it, and they may not know or be able to do it. But you should have that talk with them... NOW!!

Part of the problem with the US Finances.


Step On It Monday is normally on how to keep momentum with real estate investment, but protecting any other investment if they are at risk in the market, that should be addressed now.