Friday, May 31, 2013

Inspirational Corner: Inner Chatter, Is It Positive?

A fellow investor contacted me a while ago, excited about his plan of action. He partnered with an other investor and they got together and both wrote down their goals and plan of action. They agreed to keep each other accountable by being in touch once a week and going over what they wrote down.

I sent them both a message today to touch base and see how it was going. He never answered me, but she did. She said she was doing good and moving in the right direction; but confirmed that she hasn't been able to get in touch with her partner for their weekly follow up.

So what happend? Well it is my belief that it was cold feet. Once it comes to taking action it's easy to let our fears and insecurities take over. Negativity seeps in and cripples us into inaction.

Have you ever notice the inner chatter that occurs when you are about to do something that makes you nervous? Your toughs repeated in your mind becomes the behaviour. In a real estate investing, let's say you are about to send in an offer.
"Oh my, what am I doing? Is this really a good deal? Is my offer too high? It is too high! I bet it's too high and I'm about to get a bad deal. Or what if it's too low? Maybe it's too low and they'll refuse it and I'll loose the deal. Oh my, maybe I shouldn't be doing this"

 This is what I would consider to be negative inner chatter. You would be talking yourself out of the deal based only on your fears. Take control!! When the inner dialogue starts, control it's outcome. We ARE in control of our own thoughts. Use that control.
"Oh my, what am I doing? I'm about to send in an offer. All is good. I've run the numbers and they are good. I have properly set up my contract so that I have all my protective stops in place. If it's accepted I am ready to move forward. I know what I need to do. If it's rejected, I'm ready to move on to the next deal. I'm in control"

Did you notice the difference? Of course this applies to all aspect of our life. Some of us have been working on being positive, it's become a second nature to squash any negativity with controlled positive thinking. Some of us will need more practise, and our toughs will return to its negative ways again and again. Just be sure to be self aware and to purposely redirect your thoughts.

If we let negativity control our minds it will also control our life. And just like my friend, when it comes to taking the actions to attain our goals and dream, we will talk ourselves into inactivity.