Saturday, May 11, 2013

Rich Dad Radio: eFood & Bears Arms

If you where surrounded into a crisis situation, how long would you last? Robert Kiyosaki is very passionate about been prepared for worst case scenarios. He as been putting together what he calls the 5 G's: 
  • Grub: non perishable foods to last at least a year
  • Gas: gasoline to still remain mobile
  • Ground: a safe piece of  real estate
  • Gold: Robert as had gold and silver made into small coins, because in the case of a economic crisis, that will be the only real money
  • Guns: It may be his military background, but Robert is adamant about been in a position to protect himself, his family and his belonging
In this week's radio show, they touch base on what they consider to be the two most important Gs. Guns, and Grub. He's invited Kurt Stancel from Bear Arms to discuss the gun issues, and Steve Vincent of eFood to discuss food provisions.

In a crisis situation, how long would you last?