Friday, May 24, 2013

Inspirational Corner: Courage

At this point, if you have been reading my blog, you understand why mutual funds is not a good investment. Yet that is probably the majority of your investment portfolio. Along with most investors.

So why do we do it? Well because it gives us a false sense of security, it is something we know and understand. It is also something that we do not hold the reins. I think we feel more comfortable the least amount of responsibility we hold. Have you ever driven in a blizzard but felt relief because someone else was driving. The road condition where not any better, and your likelihood of crashing just as high; but that was on someone else's shoulders.

What we have learnt to do is a very sophisticated type of investing. Which is what we are suggesting you do as well. We suggest you take a hold of the wheel and get onto the treacherous road and be accountable for your financial future. Scary! I know, because we are doing it.

It's easier to be courageous when you are in a situation where there is no other options. You dedication to what you are trying to accomplish is pushed upon you. There is no other way. However it is a whole other situation when you choose to be courageous.

I describe our journey like cliff jumping. While on the ledge you just get enough "education" to know where to jump to avoid hitting the rocks, then you jump before you scare yourself out of it. I hope you can become your own motivation to make the necessary changes to accomplish what you need to do to reach your goals and dreams.