Saturday, May 25, 2013

Rich Dad Radio: Lucas Dinahan (Candy Man)

This week radio show was recorded in Vancouver, Canada while Robert was on his book tour. He had for guest a young fifteen year old entrepreneur, Lucas Dinahan and his father Lance and an ex-principal Rick and Warren Weeks from Fast Track.

Lucas has a candy/vending machine business. He currently owns 80 machines and has 30 more in storage ready to find a location. He purchase his first gum ball machine with the help of his dad at age of four when he wanted to buy a video game. He's hoping to learn more about real estate and stocks.

Rick shared a story of when he was a principal and he had a teacher bring a kid to his office for selling products (legal products) from his locker. Rick found this situation a little uncomfortable. On the one side he is to support the teacher and discipline this student, on the other side, this student is simply taking advantage of an opportunity he saw. The school system is not equipped to support young entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur classes are started to be taught in school; in fact I have taken that class when I was in high school. It was taught by math teacher who was an employee. They are discussing how effective this course will be on owning and managing a business when the teachers are employees.

This was a great show on Rich Dad Radio. Inspiring to teach the proper education to ensure my kids get financial freedom when they grow up, not just a J.O.B.