Thursday, May 09, 2013

Good To Know: And/Or Assign, Your New Name

Good for you, your out there, putting out offers on properties. Maybe you are not at that stage yet. Regardless here is something you should know. Your new last name is now "and/or assign". I used to be Melanie Barr but I am now Melanie Barr and/or assign.

When placing offers on properties, having a contract in your name and/or assign give you possibilities. You can later transfer the contract to any corporation or person of your choice. I deal a lot with corporation, and at the time of the offer, the corporation may not yet be in place. The and/or assign allows me to later transfer the contract into that new corporation.

Maybe you have a property under contract but for whatever the reason you are unable to close on it. By having used the and/or assign you are now able to transfer the contract to someone else name and wholesale the deal.

So be proud of your new last name and use it in your contracts.