Saturday, August 10, 2013

Rich Dad Radio: Death Is Cheap

This week on Rich Dad Radio, Robert and Kim have Dr. Radha Gopalan as a guest. If you have been a listener of Rich Dad Radio, you will recognize Dr. Gopalan, he as been a guest on the radio show many of time.

Many people out there preach that money does not matter, yet not one of them give up their monthly pay check. The truth is money does matter. It matters to maintain you daily life. This week on rich dad radio they are challenging the listeners to ask themselves "Can you afford to live?" "Can you afford to become ill?"

There are a few problem with the health care system. One of those problems is that the health care is really a sick care system. They do not support preventive treatment. An other problem is that health care is a business. Hospital fees are three times higher then the actual cost of treatments. What if you become ill? What if you require additional care and need to move in a home? Are you financially prepared for the additional expenses (and loss of income in some situation).

Did you know obesity is now considered a disease? I get that some medical issues can make someone more likely to gain weight. But come on; becoming obese is not a disease. We are becoming victims to our lifestyle but at the end of the day, we are in control.