Friday, August 02, 2013

Inspirational Corner: Shin & Chan Kawaguchi

This week for Inspirational Corner, I would like to talk about a couple that are a great source of inspiration to me. They are the perfect success example for the Rich Dad Education courses for real estate investing.

Shin and Chan Kawaguchi sign up with Rich Dad Education in April of 2012. In their first year they completed fifteen real estate deals. They didn't waste any time, and they seized opportunities where they found them. In fact their first real estate deal after the classes was with a modular home that they got under contract for nothing. That's right $0. They covered the cost for mobile home park until they could sell it to a new buyer.

Their second deal was a flip. This deal was one where they got to learn a lot. They had decided to handle the renovation themselves. They quickly discovered the disadvantage of taking on such a project. Although they had partners to share the work load, having all their free time tied up in this project was getting in the way of other opportunities that would come their way. Unfortunately, when deciding to get a contractor and leaving the hiring to their partner, they also discovered the additional trouble that can be associated with hiring mediocre help. The flip was still a success and the property looked amazing in the end.

Like great investors, they learned from their misfortunes and applied what they learned to their future deals.

Shin left is work as an engineer of eight years and is now investing in real estate full time. He said it's taking a while for that to sink in, it is still feeling like an extended vacation to him. They are also expecting their first baby. What a great gift for that child to be born in a family where both parents can be present. And what a big help for the new mother to have her husband available to offer a helping hand when the adjustment to the new life can be the hardest.

If you would like to find out a little more about Shin and Chan's first real estate deal you can view the past Q&A with a real estate investor taped on July 30th 2013 HERE.

I am excited to see what else this amazing couple will be accomplishing because they are well on their way for great things.