Saturday, August 03, 2013

Rich Dad Radio: Level Up

Find out if you can become a successful entrepreneur or if you will be the 99.9% that will fail on this week's Rich Dad Radio. Robert and Kim are joined by Rich Dad Advisor; Tom Wheelwright, NLF Athlete; Rod Smith and Vemma CEO; BK Boreyko.

Most people don't get rich because they are addicted to that steady pay check, so that most of it can be stolen by the government.

They are talking about been an entrepreneur and mostly MLM (Multi Level Marketing). The big problem with being an entrepreneur is that there is a big start up fee to find out if you have what it takes. Robert likes the MLM because the start up fees are low, many people can give it a try, and the only way to succeed is to help other people around you succeed as well.

They discussed the difference between MLMs and Pyramid Schemes. Pyramid schemes do not have a product. The only source to get ahead is to have more people under you providing more money. Robert compares the Pyramid Schemes to Social Securities.

MLM as been the biggest source of money making in the past few years. Most MLM business have a great support program and marketing tools make readily available. Listen to this week show and find out, is MLM for you?