Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tools Of The Trade: Google Map

When looking into purchasing properties, I look across Canada. I do not visit each property, in fact I haven't visited any of them. I send my property management to view the property and they assess the property and neighbourhood. Of course I request that they send me photos of their inspection. I also like to use Google map. Although the image on Google map is not always very recent I don't mind seeing what the property looked like a few years ago. Did they cover any problems with a lipsticks solution? Sometimes those things would show.

There was one property I was evaluating a while back. This is the photo the realtor provided to me.

When on Google this is what I saw.

What I was able to see on this picture is that the paint is severely peeling on the other side of the building.

I now know to inquirer about this issue and get a quote so that I can use this in my negotiation. Of course my property manager would be able to provide me with this information as well, but if he doesn't I would question him about it. If he doesn't disclose this maybe he is not the property manager for me.

I can also go on a virtual walk around the neighbourhood and seeing what is around and the quality of the neighbourhood.

This is a great tool, easily accessible and completely free; might as well put it to good use.