Friday, August 09, 2013

Inspirational Corner: Tanner Bros. Ice Cold Lemonade

The lemonade stand as been the business that started it all for a lot of entrepreneur. It's the perfect kid's business. It's great when parents will get involve and support their children's introduction to entrepreneurship by helping them make a stand and by being their best customers. This morning I came across a lemonade stand business brought into the digital ages.

The Tanner Bros. Ice Cold Lemonade business as it's own facebook page. Informing it's followers of when their stand is open for business and when they close due to supply depletion.

These parents have inspired me to look outside the box when it comes to the traditional kid run business. What a perfect way to teach our children about marketing, supply and demand, and so on. I hope it also inspires other parents out there to do the same for their kids. Lets give them an advantage into the real world of business.