Sunday, April 28, 2013

What A Life: Mutton Busting

Every year, Didsbury host a local rodeo. Last year my boys asked me to do the mutton busting. I was very surprised they wanted to participate. I asked a few times if they where sure, but they said yes every time. Alright then.

So when the time came, I got them signed up and ready for the mutton busting. I was very proud because when I came to it and they are in line waiting for their turn, watching kids ahead of them falling off the sheeps, nerve where running high. It would have been a lot easier to change their minds and walk away, but they controlled their fears and took action.

This was Jerome's ride:


And now Patrick's ride:

I told Patrick to hold on good and not let go. He did just that. They both received a trophy. Fun times.