Saturday, April 27, 2013

Rich Dad Radio: Congressmen Ron Paul

This week on Rich Dad Radio, the guest speaker was congressmen Ron Paul. He shares is view on the current economics in the United States.

I got home very late last night and tried to listen to the show and to blog about it. I would be typing and dosing off and waking up again to a combination of letters that did not form any words. So that is my reason for this post being late. If I would have done it on time, you wouldn't have understood anything anyways.

I found this week's radio show to be of great interest. Congressmen Paul discussed a few key points. Why the USA left the gold standards and go to fiat or paper money in order to support a big government. He also discuss whether politician can improve the economic recession, they sure can make it worst. Robert ask congressmen Paul why money is not taught in school, his answer is because the school are controlled by the government. He is a big advocate of home schooling and to keep the government out of our children's education.

As he often does on this radio show, Ben Bernarke, who is the current chairman of the Federal Reserve, took a bit of a beating. Why didn't he see, in his position, the development of the mortgage crash of 2008? He is a graduate of Harvard and MIT, shouldn't he be smart enough to have seen this coming, when others prophesied it? And why is the country looking to Bernarke and the government for a solutions when they missed seeing the arrival of the problem.

The radio show also discussed the drop in the gold price, and the reason behind it. Did you know the Feb as been shorting gold? If you are unfamiliar with the concept of shorting, it is when you sell a stock (in most cases it is stocks) that you do not currently own in the hopes of buying it at a later time to close your position at a lower price.

So to sum it up, great show this weeks, lots on interesting information. In fact if you would like to quickly learn more of the mortgage crash of 2008 I would recommend the movie Too Big To Fail.