Friday, April 19, 2013

Inspirational Corner: Life Is What You Make Of It

Last weekend, I visited my mother in Calgary.When it was time to leave, I packed my stuff and the boys toys and went to make their beds. I bent down to pick up a pillow that was on the floor, on my way up, I caught the metal bracket that was holding a shelf up with my head. It hurt! And I also managed to split my head open a little.

My step-dad took me to the clinic where I got my cut glued. Glue stitches is very strong glue. So strong in fact that it also glued the doctor's glove to my head. In the process of removing the piece of glove, it also removed a chunk of my hair. That also hurts! So now I have a bald spot on the top of my head.

Naturally I took a picture and posted it on facebook to share my ordeal with family and friends because the humour of the situation had not escape my attention. One of my friend commented on the picture saying "Oh Melanie, I'm so sorry this happened to you. You are having such bad luck lately"

Really? I am? That comment took me by surprise. I didn't think I was having bad luck. Things happens as they always do, some good, some less good, most of them funny in the end but I didn't think I was plagued with a string of bad luck.

It occurred to me, the more I thought about it that. Same event, in someone else's life could have been seen as a string of bad luck. I reacted to the situation with humour and tried to spread the laugh. I displayed my bald spot with some kind of sick pride, because I viewed it as a joke. I mean really how many people get a rubber glove glued to their head? This is how I view most events in my life. So looking back, I see a pretty good life.

Now if on the other hand I viewed it in a more negative way. Get upset over the fact that my accident delayed my return home, changing my schedule all around. And wouldn't it just my luck to get a glove glued to my head. Is the universe after me? I mean really how many people get a rubber glove glued to their head? And to top it off in the process of removing said glove I loose a portion of my hair leaving me self-conscious and ashamed. Well ya, if I viewed life that way, when looking back I would think: Oh what bad luck I have.

Our minds are powerful and it can change the aspect of any situation. Events and situations are just what they are. They are not necessarily good or bad. Our mind will make it one or the other. But here is the best part. We control our mind! If we follow the path of negative thoughts, we can give ourselves a mental shake and say: Oh come on! It's not so bad. It's just a habit, one we can control.

So this week, lets all look at the humorous and positive things of side.

Melanie Barr