Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What Are You Reading?: Rich Dad Poor Dad

For many, this is the book that starts it all. It certainly was for my husband, Adam. In 2004, Adam handed me the book and said "You have got to read this!" I did, the first two chapters. It was cute.

It certainly didn't have the same affect on me as it did on Adam. I was just not in the right mind frame to absorb what Robert was presenting in this book. I was content with my life. People don't just change their life around or way of thinking without having some discomfort forcing them to do it. When you are content with your life, why in the world would you change it?

Lucky for us, I was able to change my outlook on life in 2009, and just to make sure I didn't go back to my old ways; life threw us a curve ball and broke both of Adam's wrists. But that is a different story for an other time.

A year or so ago, I picked up the book Rich Dad Poor Dad again. It was a total different book to me. Now that I was open to change and aiming for financial freedom, I was able to appreciate the pure genius of this book.

Robert describes his childhood and how he came to learn about money. How he got Rich Dad's advice and Poor Dad's advice and how he sifted through them. He talks about the different methods he used to attempt to obtain financial freedom. Although real estate was a part of it, it definitely wasn't the only method he used.

When he was at is poorest, he still employed an accountant. Most of us wouldn't want to know how much money we don't have. The majority would employ the ostrich way and stick our head in the sand. It take bravery to be in such a situation, to maintain your financial statement and stay accountable.

Have you read this book? What did you think of it and what was your favourite part? Leave a comment to let us know.