Tuesday, April 16, 2013


My husband and I took our first course with Rich Dad Education in 2009. We started with stock trading, then real estate investing. When we took our first course we were so excited, it's all we wanted to do. We spoke of nothing else. Lucky for us, we both took the classes together and could discuss the stocks and real estate with each other. Among our friends and family it was a different matter. With stocks, it was worst, nobody understood if we talked about shorting or options. Real estate was a little better and easier to understand but still there was no interest and the conversation dwindled very quickly.

We have since made new connections in the real estate circle. It as been a great benefit to be able to talk and bounce ideas off like-minded people. When we get together with our new friends we often end up discussing real estate or motivational books we are reading. We motivate each other to stay on the right track and to keep the momentum. Things we have learnt while working on a real estate deal. This is what I will base this blog on. I will have seven main topics I will post on.

  1. Rich Dad Radio: Robert Kiyosaki and his wife Kim are people I look up to. They have accomplished so much and have made the path to do the same clear and visible through their books and education system. I make an attempt to surround myself with their vision as much as possible. One way I do that is by listening to their weekly radio show Rich Dad Radio. I invite you to listen in with me.
  2. What Are You Reading?: Knowledge is power. If you say I already know what I need to know, you have stopped growing. The truth is there is always more to know. In this section I'll be discussing books, blogs and articles I am reading.
  3. Good To Know: This one will be dedicated to information, tid bits and tips I've come across about investing in general.
  4. Inspirational Corner: Let's face it, it's a lot easier to find people that will point out why you shouldn't do things then to find people who will push you to succeed. What's worse is that every once in a while, you will be the person slowing you down. It's important to keep the right frame of mind. This section will be dedicated to staying motivated.
  5. Step On It: Being motivated and positive is very important, but that said, it is not enough. You also need to get and maintain the momentum. I will dedicate this section to strategies for keeping the momentum going.
  6. Tools Of The Trade: Investing is not like construction, I don't make a daily trip to the hardware store and I don't get excited over drills and saws. But, I have come across "tools" that have made the processes of investing so much easier, such as computer programs, apps, and organisation tools.
  7. What A Life: Get to know us. This will just be keeping track of what the Barr Family is up to. Life on the farm, life with two busy active boys, and the situation we sometime find ourselves in.

I'm excited about this blog and I hope you are too.

Melanie Barr