Saturday, November 14, 2015

Psst!! Over Here... Let Me Tell You About The Latest Tools I Discovered

McDonald's does not make the best burger but they have the best burger making system and that is why they are the best. No matter the size of your business you should always be improving your system. If you can't think of what is your system; you need to take some time and create your system.

After taking some additional training, I learned how to improve my business and to improve my internal system. Let me share a few tips that I put to work and perfected for real estate business. 

The first thing you need to do is to have a clear understanding of what you are trying to accomplish. How would you explain the steps of your business to someone else? I did this when I was trying to explain to my husband one day about what task I accomplished each day and why. I am a visual person so I found that creating a diagram worked best for me.

I started by creating a diagram showing the different strategies I was contemplating with my business.

Then I took one specific strategy and I created a new diagram with more details for that specific strategy.

This now gives me a very clear image of what I am trying to accomplish and from there I can start writing down a list of tasks I need to do to complete a project. 

Once I have my "To Do List", I get tools that can help be delegate or simplify these tasks. Here are some of the tools I have recently started adding to my business system that I have found to be extremely helpful.

I use upwork (which used to be called ODesk) to employ virtual assistants. The main task I have them handle is to answer the emails coming in from my ads. I provided the VA (Virtual Assistant) with the response I want to inquiries on my ads and files to attach. My main VA is a mom from the Philippines that requested $3.50/hour. 

Be sure you are very clear with the tasks you want accomplish and how to do it.

I am completely addicted to Fiverr at the moment. Very similar to Upwork, I mostly use Fiverr for random tasks. I had them design my new business cards, I had them redo my brochure so that it would have a more professional look. It's called Fiverr because you can request any jobs done for as little as $5. Had I know about this sooner, I would have them create my website, design a logo, and so much more. They are quick and very talented. Again you are using the skills of people from all around the world.

This as proven to be a great tool and best of all it is available free! I mostly used this for my tenant-buyer. When they answer my kijiji ad my VA forward to them my brochure, a link to my website as well as a link to my "Pre-Application" form which is an "EmailMeForm". This also keeps track of all the information collected into a database. It is possible to export that information to an other software such as Excel.

I have discovered this tool early on in my business. When I first started my real estate investment business, when I placed offers on properties, I would print out the offer sign it then I would either fax it or scan it and email it back. This became difficult when I started travelling for Rich Dad Education. Now with DocuSign I can place my signature directly onto the contract emailed to me and I email it back. No need to print or scan. Big time saver and so much more efficient.

This as been a new addition to my system. Once I received the pre-application from potential tenant-buyers I would then start playing phone tags with them. Altough I ask when is a good time to call, we wouldn't always connect. I started using SetMore which is a scheduling software. So now I sent the tenant-buyers a link and SetMore will show them my schedule of when I can take a call and they can schedule their call. If I have an appointment that comes up I can also block off sections of times. Such a time saver!

These are only a few I am currently using. I hope you find these tools helpful for your own business. Please leave a comment and share some of the ones that you have come across.