Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Smart Phone In My Business

I have to chance to interact with a lot of other investors with my work with Rich Dad Education, with my work with the Investor Cashflow Club, and with my day to day networking for my own real estate investment business. We discussed investment strategies, on going deals, and how we run our businesses. Time and time again I am asked how I manage my business on road and how I purchase properties from afar. It's simple, I have a Smart Phone, and I use it to it's capacity.

So today I've put together a presentation on how I use my smart phone in my real estate business; and the different apps that make running my business easier.

These are the apps I've come across and started using to better my business. I find new one all the time. If you use an app that is helping you run your business, please take a moment to comment about it on this blog.