Wednesday, January 08, 2014

What Is The Desired Result?

A Fresh Re-Start:

2013 was when I decided to fully concentrate on real estate, as a part of that I started this blog and published my first post. My intention was to blog about different topics, once a day. I am pleased with the information that was made available through my blog but as you may have noticed my last entry was in November 4th 2013.

It is time to re-evaluate.

I find the best way to figure out what needs to be done is to concentrate on the desired result. What am I looking to accomplish with this blog? What do I want out of it? That is right, I have a motive. It wouldn't be worth all my effort and time commitment to maintain this blog if I was not getting something in return. I look to obtain mostly four things out of this blog.

  • Networking: I'm a mother of young boys living in a remote area. Although I am well aware that in real estate investing, networking is key; my lifestyle doesn't easily support evening network events. So this blog as become my indirect network tool so that fellow investors can connect with me on some level. Can you feel the connection yet?
  • Educating: Anyone who is going to invest in real estate should have a certain level of education on the subject to do so safely. Not only is it important for myself to be educated in real estate investing but I believe that my financial partners should be as well. They need to be able to interpret the deals I am presenting to them so that they can see the value and be confident and comfortable to move forward with investing with me.
  • Learning: Posting on this blog is forcing me to keep up to date with my own education. It makes me learn the lessons in the experiences I am confronted with. It makes me seek the necessary information I need to move forward and to do so well enough that I can turn around and teach it to someone else. That is when you know the information you are learning as being fully absorbed.
  • Offer Support: I am a real estate investor, just like you. The hurdles I have come across, you probably will as well. The information I have needed will most likely be useful to you as well. So although blogging is a great benefit to me, it can also be a great benefit to my fellow investors like you.
Now that I am clear with the results I want from this blog, one obvious thing comes to mind. I can not maintain daily blogging. It takes away from the time I need to dedicate to my business and to my family. And lets be honest, do you really read my blog each and every day? I didn't think so. I can still provide the same level of quality information at a slower pace and that will allow you more time to absorb. Going forward I will try to blog once weekly.


The Q&A's have provided amazing insight for me, and I trust is as for you as well. However due to the high cost of the meeting software I was using, I could no longer offer the service for free; and I was uncomfortable collecting a fee for it. 

The Q&A's had such great value that I also do not wish to drop the whole concept. So going forward, the Q&A will be continuing (YAY!!) but they will no longer have a live component. I will ask that you submit any questions, and a video or interactive presentation will be made available to view here along with the other past archives.

Step On It:

Monday was back to school for us. After weeks of having taken advantage of the easy schedule with no  pressing reason to get out of bed (for myself, my husband was still hard at work with the farm); it was time to set the alarm again. I woke without too much grumbling and got the kids up, the lunches made and sent them off to the bus. I sat on the couch, and contemplated my options for the day. Should I watch some TV? Tidy the house? Go back to bed? Go back to bed was a definite favourite.

However, before I could put that great plan into action, I got a text from a fellow real estate investor with which I have informally formed a working partnership. The text said "Happy New Year! Are you good to go this morning?" With my warm bed calling my name I almost wanted to reply "Ugh NO!" But instead I said "Sure, I'm good to go". I am very grateful to her for having reach out and restart my momentum, it would have taken me quite a bit longer.

Without momentum, I wouldn't have actions, and without actions, I wouldn't have results, and without results there is no success.

The first thing we did when she arrived was to evaluate our current situation, we then reassessed our goals and set a plan of action. This was not complicated or over formal, we kept it quite simple. Took notes in a notebook and only after realised we had accomplished all those tasks.

  • Evaluate Current Situation: We discussed ongoing deals, which stage it was at and what was left to accomplish.
  • Reassess Goals: We discussed which strategy we had been concentrating on and if that was still were our interest reside.
  • Plan of Action: We started listing off what we needed to accomplish, which task to do now and which would be for during the week and so on.
Just like that the momentum is started and picking up speed. I hope you get yours going as well if you have also slowed to a stop over the holidays.

Happy New Year!